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Paragliding Review Advertising

Paragliding review aims to be the absolute global mecca of product and industry related info from the eyes of the pilots in the sport!

Do you or your company have a paragliding or paramotoring product or service you want people to know about? Well, you came to the right place!


Snap Shot of what we can offer you

  • 4 programs - 1 Monthly Rate program and 3 Pay-Per-Click programs

  • No setup fees

  • Easy to use automatic account with ad setup

  • Daily budgets available for your PPC programs

And we can also cater to special ad campaigns!

Monthly Rate Programs: Billboard Banners 

This program allows your 225 X 100 (Top Banner), 130 x Any Height (Left Side) & 120 x Any Height (right Side) banners to appear in rotation of the pages of site. Banner ads can be run for a maximum of 6 months at a time and a minimum of 2 months. For banners appearing on the site for 1-2 months we offer PPC

Pay Per Click advertising

Allows you to pay only when someone actually clicks a link to your site. You can apply a daily budget to any of these programs. The PPC offer is an effective and low cost way to bring visitors to your website or online store/business. PPC is offered in two variations

  • Mini Banner Ads PPC:  Seen on both sides of a page on any page (wider ad space on left side) 
  • Places to Buy PPC : The Places to Buy program provides a direct link to your online store listed under "Places to Buy" on product review pages. You can opt to have just one or multiple selected products diplaying your store as a place to buy provided the product can actually be bought/purchased via your site.
  • Mini banner product for products and services review pages - space available to the left of the images of products and services review pages, shows for ALL products and services!

Easy and Quick to Start!

Contact us with what you want and for how long, your ad/banner & specifications and we will work out a payment plan that works for your business or company! We aim to get your advertising campaign off the ground FAST & EASY with any of these programs that you desire.

For PPC programs, you will need to make a minimum 50 Euro (or equivalent amount in other currency according to ) credit card, Paypal or Plimus deposit.

The whole process is designed to be effective yet simple and easy to use, delivering your message to a worldwide audience. focuses heavily on marketing and making sure word spreads ensuring a steadyily growing stream of visitors. will be expanding to also offer pilots from the non-English speaking countries where flying is popular a place to write and read reviews in their languages as well in the near future.

 Get your product, company or service the extensive exposure it deserves and get started today!

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