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Welcome to the Paragliding Review Guestbook. To leave a message in the guestbook, Click Here. Read the user messages below. All messages are moderated and comments may be deleted if they do not comply with the website's terms and conditions.

User Messages

Flying man writes:

Good potential!

but, why put all these ads up before you have "meet" on the page... get people to use the page and add reviews, then put up some ads on just one side of the page that is isolated from the rest so that its not disturbing..


Posted on 03-10-2009 20:44

Svein (SOLman) writes:

Im not sure how this site works yet, but it seams interesting :-)

Posted on 11-09-2009 21:08

Martin (PartyMarty) writes:

You know, not fussed with mandatory rego. Is ok for me. Good to see the site up. Im sure given some time (and a few decent marketing style plugs on the various forums and chat rooms), more people will get in here and write something up to increase the amount of info. Personally I have been out of flying for a few years and am just now going back into it. Will surely give feedback on anything that I demo or eventually fly...There is a lot of info to sift thru when looking into new wings/equipment, so a one stop shop that has inputs, from all walks of life, would be a really good thing. I know myself that I have spent about 4 months of searching various forums and threads for info which generally is repeated across many platforms. One place to go for all the good bits can never be a bad thing...Cheers for the effort to build this site. Good luck with it.Martin

Posted on 31-08-2009 08:07

Qki writes:

mandatory registration is not good

Posted on 28-07-2009 20:55

administrator writes:

What do you guys think of the site?

Posted on 29-06-2009 20:32