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Chili - SkyWalk

Number of Reviews:  1  
Average Rating:  5.00 / 5  
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Suggested Retail Price:  2900 
administrator 23-Jul-2009 20:04 Report this Product!
Year Launched 2006 from SkyWalk (if applicable)
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Chili Description

The CHILI more than lives up to the name: fiery design, spicy handling, combined with a high curve dynamic.

This is a plus in the tight thermals encountered on cross country flights.

Reviews of Chili

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1 Review of Chili

junek   28-Jul-2009 14:13 Report this Review!
Your Flying Style: Anything goes. XC to acro from Sydney, Australia
Purchased From: Australia
Period of Use: 2 yrs or more
Flying Experience: 200 hours
Similar Products Tested: Advance, Niviuk Artik
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:

XS size with a Supair Altirando.


Handling - very fun to throw around the sky. A great wing for people who want to step up from their 1st or 2nd wing but dont want the worries of a DHV2

Split A's make big ears easy. They come out on their own, but slowly - a small pump will ge


Tricky to turn flat untill you have got used to how easily it dives.

Sometimes if left to it's own devices after a surge or a tight turn, it 'dolphins' through the sky untill you dab the brakes a release them slowly. - this is annoying

Build/Quality: Excellent

Overall i really like this wing. It is my 2nd wing and was a massive step up from my 1st wing that was more like a boat than a Paraglider.

The wing is perfect for a pilot who wants to stay in the 1-2 safety margins but wabts good performance and a sporty feeling.

On this wing i have done my first real XC's, flown high, flown low, taught myself some basic acro, been scared and been happy and only taken 1 big collapse (but it was VERY big!) - in about 100 hours.

A fantastic wing that i would reccoment to anyone who wants a fun, sporty 1-2.

Skywalk customer service and product quality is great also. I am very confident in this brand  - as confident as buying from the 'established' brands.

Now i want to step up again to a Cayanne 3!

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Buy it.

5 beers. Only drawback is I doubt it is still at the top of the 1-2 pack as it is about 3 yrs old now.

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