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Cima and Cima k2

Cima and Cima k2 - Sky Paragliders

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administrator 05-Jul-2009 23:18 Report this Product!
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Cima and Cima k2 Description

The CIMA is an all new glider in a class of its own. The CIMA is the multi-purpose glider suitable for every pilots needs. Despite its light weight and compact size the CIMA is a glider without compromise. The CIMA has performance to rival any Standard class paraglider. The Cima is perfectly suited for: Hike and climbing to out of the way launches.

CIMA K2 is the best glider for all those who just love flying light. It is a modification of CIMA that is still favoured by pilots thanks to its stability that is so valued during the mountain flying. CIMA K2 is even lighter; it is ultra light wing (only 3.5 kg in the M size with the traditional (13mm) risers) that still could be used for everyday flying

Reviews of Cima and Cima k2

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1 Review of Cima and Cima k2

AndrewC   05-Nov-2009 13:25 Report this Review!
Your Flying Style: Recreational from Wimbledon, London
Purchased From: -
Period of Use: tested
Flying Experience: 9 years BHPA Pilot BHPA TI
Similar Products Tested: Pro-Design Accura, Gin Bolero, Firebird Grid, Ozone Geo
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
Pro-Design Accura, Woody Valley Peak, Apco Mayday 16

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the problem with an ultralight wing is that sometimes I'll want to fly it while carrying camping and cooking gear, but at other times I might want to hike up a hill in a pair of shorts and T-shirt, with only a "G-string" harness, and fly down -- and I might be underweight on the medium Cima doing that.

Build/Quality: good-risers are scarily thin webbing, no magnets or press-studs to hold the even thinner brakes

I was top of the stack most of the time. But that can probably be ascribed mainly to, not the glider's performance, certainly not the pilot's skill, but to the fact that I was at the bottom of the weight range -- 81kg or so all up, while the medium ranges from 77kg to 100kg.

Ground handling was easy

What really impressed me was that, sticking on half speedbar or a bit more, there was an immediate and very large increase in speed, without apparently much extra sink. Sorry, no figures. It also seemed still very stable, but since it was nice smooth air, that may not mean much.

Big ears took a good hard pull to get in; they rolled out slower than in most other gliders I've flown -- perhaps because I was so light on it.

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I loved it

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