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Flat Top 120

Flat Top 120 - U-Turn USA

Number of Reviews:  1  
Average Rating:  5.00 / 5  
Manufacturer Website:  click here 
Suggested Retail Price:  5700 
SUPERDELL 28-Oct-2009 01:26 Report this Product!
Year Launched 2010 from U-Turn USA (if applicable)
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Flat Top 120 Description

Flat Top 120: 47 lbs/130 lbs of thrust/kevlar quick release safety harness, safest & most durable frame & cage on the market.

This unit is awesome for pilots up to 200 lbs.  With beautifully smooth power, noise level so low you can't even hear the engine past 1/3rd throttle and fast engine response this new addition to the legandary Flat Top line up is quickly catching attention in the market.

Reviews of Flat Top 120

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1 Review of Flat Top 120

SUPERDELL   28-Oct-2009 01:42 Report this Review!
Your Flying Style: beach cruising/cross country from Point Of The Mountain Utah
Purchased From: U-Turn USA
Period of Use: 20 hours and going
Flying Experience: master
Similar Products Tested: Skycruiser Top 80/Mini plane/WJ Spider/WJ Airwolf/WJ Apache
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
Flat Top 120/K2 paraglider/Super Mini Reserve

Very lightweight, safest and most durable unit on the market.  Phenominal harness design, just pick up your feet and you are in the seat without taking your hands off the controls.  Very easy to run with.  kevlar quick release safety harness is freaking awesome.  Very smooth power and very responsive.  Crazy quiet.  Good power.


I'm not fond of pull start but for lightweight and lower cost it is ok.  The unit is so incredibly lightweight that the mild left torque steer takes weight shift to counter.  Not a big deal but as you go on and off power you have to weight shift slightly to compensate.  Weight shift is great though as well as the balance.

Build/Quality: Its a Flat Top, nothing else is close.

I love this unit!! It isn't the rocketship my Flat Top 200 SUPER is but for just messing around it is really fun to have a very lightweight motor.  It is crazy quiet.  So quiet you can't even hear the engine past about 1/3rd throttle.  This unit is seriously fun and has a ton of power for a lightweight unit.  Very fast engine response.  Mash the throttle and you get immediate thrust.  It is so lightweight you can throw it around like a paraglider harness.

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Best quality, safest and most durable lightweight unit on the market.  As always the Flat Top is simply the best there is.  If you can afford a Flat Top then there just isn't anything else to compare to it.

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