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Fusion - Paramania

Number of Reviews:  1  
Average Rating:  5.00 / 5  
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Suggested Retail Price:  3000 EUR 
administrator 22-Oct-2009 02:15 Report this Product!
Year Launched 2008 from Paramania (if applicable)
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Fusion Description

"pure intermediate powerglider incorporates some of the performance technology from the world famous Action and Action GT to the proven safety and stability features of the Revolution. The result is an incredible Fusion of technology, experience, and shear design from Mike Campbell-Jones and his team! Pilots moving up the skill range from the Revolution will instantly feel at home with the Fusion, other pilots who already have a considerable experience in paramotoring will be delighted with the Fusion’s dynamic handling, and direct response to pilot inputs. Coupled with Mike Campbell-Jones’s next generation Reflex profile which is easy and comfortable to adjust, allowing you to go further and faster with the added benefit of real pitch positive ‘True Reflex Technology’!"

Reviews of Fusion

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1 Review of Fusion

Oisin   30-Oct-2009 22:32 Report this Review!
Your Flying Style: GP from Ireland
Purchased From: Paramania dealer Ireland
Period of Use: 15-20 hrs approx
Flying Experience: 200+ flights, 150hrs, two and a half years
Similar Products Tested: Revolution, Action GT, Dudek Nucleon, Synthesis, Reaction, Ozone Roadster
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
H&E R 120 Motor Paramania Fusion 29 Paramania Revolution28

Very manouverable & agile, and great fun to fly. 

Slow take-off and landings.

High top speed. 

Brilliant wing.

Very stable and safe.

Most economical wing tested, having tried a good few.


None fund yet!  Nil wind forward launch is a bit different to Revolution and took a few launches to get the hang of it.

Riser markings printed on straps very nice in beginning, but wear off quickly.

Build/Quality: Very high quality

Best intermediate wing I have flown, having tested many models.  Very manouverable, and fun to fly.  Slow take-off and landings, and high top speed.  Revolutionised my flying!  Brilliant wing.  No complaints.

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I found it the best intermediate wing available, having tried as many as I could get my hands on.

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