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Review- Fusion

Oisin 30-Oct-2009 22:32 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: GP from Ireland
Purchased From: Paramania dealer Ireland
Period of Use: 15-20 hrs approx
Flying Experience: 200+ flights, 150hrs, two and a half years
Similar Products Tested: Revolution, Action GT, Dudek Nucleon, Synthesis, Reaction, Ozone Roadster
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
H&E R 120 Motor Paramania Fusion 29 Paramania Revolution28

Very manouverable & agile, and great fun to fly. 

Slow take-off and landings.

High top speed. 

Brilliant wing.

Very stable and safe.

Most economical wing tested, having tried a good few.


None fund yet!  Nil wind forward launch is a bit different to Revolution and took a few launches to get the hang of it.

Riser markings printed on straps very nice in beginning, but wear off quickly.

Build/Quality: Very high quality

Best intermediate wing I have flown, having tested many models.  Very manouverable, and fun to fly.  Slow take-off and landings, and high top speed.  Revolutionised my flying!  Brilliant wing.  No complaints.

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5

I found it the best intermediate wing available, having tried as many as I could get my hands on.

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