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Golden 2

Review- Golden 2

Nilsko 27-Jul-2009 23:42 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: Thermal / lousy XC from San Diego, California
Purchased From: Portugal
Period of Use: 1,5 years
Flying Experience: 3 years, 65 hrs
Similar Products Tested: various
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:

Woody Valley Convertable harness.


Great (!) response to brake inputs.


Said to be not sooo durable. Big Ears don't open without inoput. Stalls quickly (own experience and of 2 other pilots).

Build/Quality: Excellent. Light material, sai

What a great wing! I moved from a Mescal LFT 1 wing to this wing, and it opened up a new world for me. It's like going from a Beetle to a Porsche. I wouldn't locate thermals on the old wing, now it is no problem. The wing is so reactive, Wingovers are a piece of cake. Only one needs to be careful with the stall point, it stalls already at points in which I have safely been flying other wings. Thank god I experienced that in an SIV. Gradient argues that the very responsive behavior of the wing makes it a safe wing, and I tend to agree. This wing is safe, light, affordable, sporty (because of it's great reactivity) and it does well on XC. I did outthermal some guys on hotter wings, and that is definitely _not_ owed to my thermailling skills. In other words: I love that wing, and there is no reason not to buy this wing. (Except maybe the upcoming superugly design of the new Gradient wings).

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5

A definite recommendation. I believe it was one of the bestestest wings in 20087 when it came out. I haven't tested any other wings after I bought it, so it is possibel that some of the new LTF 1-

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