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Kantenga XC

Review- Kantenga XC

Gatorade 01-Nov-2009 13:50 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: Recreational from Denver, CO
Purchased From: -
Period of Use: 6 Months
Flying Experience: P4 flying since 2002
Similar Products Tested: Sigma 6
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
Kantenga XC

I am very happy with this wing - lots of strengths ...just read the review!


The only negative I found was that in the stronger bubbles of lift, I got pushed out and found it harder to make the kind of tight carving turn I'm used to on a much smaller wing. But on that smaller wing, I would have dirted out on those low saves. So, it seems like a trade off.

Don't like the rigifoils but thats personal opinion

Build/Quality: VERY well built

The Kantega XC handles like many of the 2s I've flown in terms of turning and "feel." It also has lots of speed without the huge sink penalty that many of the 1-2s I've flown have when using speed bar - just as advertised. It has the brakes of a 1-2, meaning it takes a lot to stall the wing, which I don't love but understand. And it's got lots of surface area, which seemed to translate to an incredible sink rate for me - and a bit more management required on launch.

I flew in a variety of relatively benign conditions for my home, leeside hill, which can be anything from a sink fest to extreme desert thermals. And I flew with a group of very good pilots on mostly higher performing wings, including the Poison 2, Peak, Triton, Maverick, Jalpa, and others. I won't write the usual tripe about how well this wing did compared to others. But it was clear to me and to the others I fly with that the wing did not suffer from any obvious performance deficits.

I also induced a number of 50% collapses and discovered to my surprise that they had very little impact on the heading of the wing if I did anything other than really lean into the collapse. They also were surprisingly slow to come out and seemed to come out almost cell by cell. Big ears are very easy with the split risers and allow you to really rake in the lines for truly big ears. They did not come out spontaneously. Spirals were easy to manage - I never felt tossed around or out of control.

I'm still not convinced that anything rigid in the leading edge is a good thing, but it does seem like using the battens just to replace mylar is effective without being too risky.

Overall, I was most impressed by the feel and the sink rate. The wing gave me lots of feedback, but not in a scary way. And that allowed me to center whatever lift I could find. Of course, my impression of the sink rate is biased since I am so heavy on the Sigma, but I do think it's very good. The speed was excellent on bar - I had no problem catching up to others when they found lift.

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Now that I've flown it extensively, I continue to be very impressed with the wing.

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