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Poison 2

Review- Poison 2

Sasha 24-Oct-2009 13:52 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: XC pilot from Brisbane, Australia
Purchased From: -
Period of Use: Over 6 months
Flying Experience: Since 1996 currently flying Ov
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Skywalk Poison 2, Impress 2


What I like most about Poison 2 is that you can turn in the tiniest bubbles/thermals.


You just need to be very careful with the fabric. I managed to put some tears in it without even knowing when or how it happened.


I've been flying my Poison 2 Small for over 6 months now (The only Poison 2 owner in Australia). I've flown it in almost every possible condition. Even been in some really shity air on the lee side of the hill, where a rotor basically chewed it up. Had to stall it out. But I must say I haven't flown more predictable wing yet. I'm absolutely in love with it. Collapses (unless in a rotor) are easy to anticipate due to great wing input. It tells you so much about the air. Stall point is easy to determine, ground handling is a poetry.  But as I said I'm loving it. Flew some good distances with it on not so epic days.

The Poison 2 easily keeps up with the best comp wings. And due to jet flaps it can also fly slower if you need it to. A friend of mine flies boomer 5. He's one of Aussie comp pilots. We fly together a lot. I've outflown him every time ever since I got my Poison 2. What I like most about Poison 2 is that you can turn in the tiniest bubbles/thermals. My lowest low save was from about 15-20 m AGL. It was a tiny little bubble. I could only do half of a turn in it but still managed to climb out. In a less responsive wing there would be no way I would even consider turning so low. And I felt quite in control in some 10+ m/s thermals that I would usualy escape from in the past. It's all about feeling the air and being able to anticipate what the wing is going to want to do next. The glide of Poison 2 is fenomenal too. Unless you are really lasy with your feet you won't be getting any major collapses in when on full speed bar.


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It's the fastest reacting wing I've ever flewn too.

My next wing is definitely Poison 2 (or 3 if it comes out soon).

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