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Review- Revolution

Oisin 30-Oct-2009 22:51 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: General Purpose from Ireland
Purchased From: Irish Dealer
Period of Use: 2007-2009
Flying Experience: 200+ flights 150 hrs approx
Similar Products Tested: Fusion, Action GT, Dudek range, Ozone Roadster
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
H&E R120 motor Paramania Fusion 29 Paramania Revolution 28

Great stable solid wing

Well built.

Good cruising speed

Very good learning wing ( beginner - intermediate)

Very forgiving


A bit faster to launch and land than some basic beginners wings.

Tip steering attachment to lines (prusick) not ideal.

Build/Quality: Well built

I learnt on this wing and am still very fond of it.  It is a bit of a landrover of a wing.. solid and stable, but not too sporty or agile to learn on.  More agile in smaller sizes, but also faster to take-off and land in the smaller sizes.

I would still recommend this wing to beginners- intermediate, having flown many different wings in the last few years, and seen many others learn on other wings.

Some slower wings for beginners are very quickly outgrown, and many just don't keep up with the Revolution, which can be a problem for distance flying. 

Easier to light wing forward launch than many similar wings.

Great first wing.

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5

Great first wing, safe solid and reliable.

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