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Review- Swift

victor 02-Aug-2009 22:12 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: Cross country, bivouac from Nice, France
Purchased From: Tested once only (7h flight)
Period of Use: July 2009
Flying Experience: 7 years
Similar Products Tested: UP Kantega, Sky Paragliders Cima
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:

- Agile but without too much pitch and roll,

- Light (< 4kg for the S) and compact,

- Very good perfomance (almost like Aspen & Brontes I flew with),

- Easy to fly.


- Do not get the light risers unless you already have some experience.

Build/Quality: Very good

As I plan to fly a vol bivouac, I have taken a test flight.

I have tried the SWIFT S (I weight around 85kg equipped).

The first impression when I got the wing from Aerogliss in Saint-André is that the wing is very light and compact. That's 2 very good points to start with.

Ground handling and take-off are easy as most wings in this category I think. Some thermals got very strong this day. The SWIFT is lively and you can really feel what is happening but it never goes too far in both pitch and roll. In this way it is really safe.

I flew with the SWIFT for 120km back and forth to Dormillouse (my greatest distance ever). I flew alongside with Aspen II and Brontes. The SWIFT should almost have the same performances (can't see the difference in speed nor GR). You can really use the speed bar with a good speed increase and still good performances but sorry I don't have numbers here (I used to fly an UP Kantega as a DHV 1/2 and speed bar decrease the GR a lot).

Some would find the wing not "fun" enough because it would not take enough pitch and roll but it could be good: I was quite fresh after my 7h flight!

The commands seem a bit lighter than on my sigma 6. The SWIFT I have tested had light risers. I would not advise them unless you already have some experience. Pilots with less experience should go for the normal risers.

I know Luc and David (the designers) well, they have built a very good wing that I will probably use for a coming vlo bivouac.

You can see the track and some pictures & comment [sorry, french only] on my web site (

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5Rating of 5

Very easy to fly (I usually fly a Sigma 6) but still has top perfomances (best 1/2 I had to the opportunity to fly with) even on speed bar.

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