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Review- Viper

TPARAMOTOR 26-Oct-2015 20:51 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: bit of everything from uk
Purchased From: ozone
Period of Use: 1 year
Flying Experience: 800
Similar Products Tested: eden 3.reaction.nucleon.ozone viper 3
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:
set up for weightshift.wanted a new wing with shark nose and agile and do some acro.

takes awhile to get use to the unsheated thin lines. easy take off. easy landings most of the time depending on the wind and trim settings .very agile.easy spirals.big ears. size of wing is smaller as per pilot weight.nice riser setup no tec sharknose tec.;0)


makers say its fast for a high performance wing.i asked how fast is fast? no reply from ozone..found out the ozone speedster is faster.and the speedster is older then the viper 3?? are we going forward or backwards? ive tried doing a sat on the viper 3.. and had problems.i asked ozone if it was safe to do sats on a viper 3 reply from ozone...   i forgot the wing oscillates too much for a high performance wing.ozone say its a xc wing.. well i dont want a wing that oscillates when flying .either xc or flying in general.   ;0(

Build/Quality: average

the brake toggles for me where usless.took ozones brak toggles with the tiny magnets hidden underneath .ozones brand name. ... and fitted gin toggles bigger magnets stronger.with acro holders.far better as per pilot.

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 3Rating of 3Rating of 3

for a new wing theres far too many issues .when asked about the issues i get no reply =answers.   ozone viper 3  a expensive high performance wing for experts.. come on?

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