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Whistler Whistler 2

Review- Whistler Whistler 2

penguin10 18-Jul-2011 22:15 Report this Review!
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Your Flying Style: Speed riding from Montana
Purchased From: Fly Style
Period of Use: Summer 2011
Flying Experience: Beginner, 1 hour
Similar Products Tested: Little cloud spiruline
Current Flying Setup
& Clipped in Weight:

  • Very responsive
  • Solid design
  • Very stable
  • Small profile, packs well


  • Low glide ratio
  • Doesn't come with rucksack or strap


This was my first wing and a great one to learn on. It has a solid design and is very stable in variable winds. It is a very responsive wing. It is definately built for speedriding while I was using it for speedflying (ground launching). I attained an average glide ratio of 4.3:1 with average speeds of 22 mph with the 16m2 wing (Rider exit weight 64 kg). It would be perfect for speedriding as the manufacturer states. It is also fast enough as they state. It has trimers that when closed yielded 12.5% increase in glide ratio. It can come with a buggy from the manufacturer that is lightweight and reversible. It does not, however, come with a rucksack or even a strap to pack up the wing.

MSRP €1400

Rating: (out of 5) Rating of 4Rating of 4Rating of 4Rating of 4

  • Great wing for speedriding
  • Keeps you low to the ground
  • Fast and stable

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